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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ministry in Canada
Martha and I are currently in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and I am preaching in a series of meetings at Meadow Creek Community Church. Actually, since Meadow Creek does not have a church building (they meet in a school) we are meeting in Faith Gospel Church's building and so we are combining the two congregations for the evening meetings.

God has been pouring out His presence among us. We see evidence of real conviction of the Holy Spirit. The attendance has been very good and the people seem to be just "drinking in" what the Lord is giving me to say. I have been very conscious of His leadership and presence. Last night I said very little of what I had prepared to say. It seemed like the Lord just kept interupting me and directing me in different thoughts. It was a very supernatural experience.

We have two more night here then we move on to the second church, Evergreen Community Church. The venue will be a little different, since we are meeting at a retreat center for the church's bi-annual retreat.
Please continue to pray for us as we finish our mission here.
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