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Friday, January 8, 2016

Doing what you can


Mark 14:6 Jesus said, "Let her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a good work for Me".

As I read the above verse of the woman who anointed Jesus, I am reminded of something that happened to me some years ago. I was facing an insurmountable problem. My friend, Frank Solorzano, and I were organizing a pastor’s conference in El Salvador and we planned to give each pastor a Thompson Chain Reference Bible to help them with their sermon preparation. The number of pastors had swelled from the 100 or so that we had planned for, to near 1,000. Each Bible costs us $27.00 which meant that instead of needing $2700.00 we now needed $27,000.00. We had about $1,000 and the Bibles were being delivered and payment was expected.

The day that the Bibles were to be delivered I received a card from a little girl in Caribou, ME. It was not a store bought card, but printed on an old dot matrix printer and contained the following hand written note:

Mr. Brooks, "I had a 5 day club (it was a backyard Bible club) and earned $5.00 for you. The kids in my club were not able to sign this so I will tell you their names." Preston Carter, Karli Smith, Darick Williams, Amanda Williams, Yiza Somers, Brad Morin

My helpers were: Carrie and Amy Shrable


Jessica Dow

I still have that card right before me as I write this. I will always keep it as a reminder of God’s love and provision.

The woman who anointed Jesus didn’t have much, but she gave what she had and Jesus said, "She has done a good work for me."

Don’t ever let not being able to do much keep you from doing what you can. Bring it to Jesus and He will receive it and multiply it. It may seem like a poor little thing to others, but not to Him; it will be precious in His sight.

 That same day I received a call from a very wealthy man in another state who gave $25,000.00 to the project, which paid for the Bibles, but he didn’t give nearly as much as those little children because they gave all that they had.

 Now years later, I’m thankful for the man who gave the large amount, but I’m even more thankful and moved for those kids in Maine who are all grown up now. As I look at the card in front of me now, I’m reminded of their love and sacrifice and moved to tears.

 No gift is ever small in the Savior’s hands. Do what you can.

Keep praying,

1:42 pm est 

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