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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Martha and I covet your prayers as we make some crucial decisions during the next few days and weeks. Since returning from Guatemala a few days ago, I have been burdened to begin a new ministry that would do two very important things.

First, it would prepare Christians to live and minister effectively and victoriously in these trying times by teaching them the basic principles of their new life in Christ and how to put them into practice in everyday life.
Second, it encourage and enable men and women who sense a call to ministry to discover their calling and gifting and develop a systematic study of the Bible, a walk of faith and a life of prayer.

I believe that the modern church has put so much emphasis on numerical growth that Spiritual growth and maturity in the faith has been neglected. Consequently there are many men and women who have professed faith in Christ and prayed the so-called "sinners prayer" who have absolutely no idea of what they have gotten themselves into. These folks need simple, effective, practical training in how to live out the Christian life.

Would you join us in fervent prayer as we seek God's plan and timing. I'll try to keep you informed of what God is saying and how He is leading.


1:43 pm est 

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